February 24, 2010

A New Addition

A little secret, I grew up across the Hudson River.
Way back when, I could see the far away silhouette of the Statue of Liberty on a smogless day from our apartment window. Needless to say, I often catch myself wearing the mascot color of Manhattan... black.

So no surprise that I ended up making an Onyx gemstone bracelet (one with a little bit of a Southwester twist of course!)

February 20, 2010

Uh-Oh Polyvore

I admit it. I pop on Polyvore every once in awhile to play a little game I like to call... "If money were no obligation what would I wear?"

Today, this would be it. The colors are inspired by those gorgeous Amazonite gems I recently ordered from Turkey and the weather - caught somewhere between snow and spring.

And exactly how much would this darling little ensemble set someone back you might be wondering... only a whopping - $21,820. I know, I know, it is those gorgeous little Chrysoprase Drop Earrings from Barney's that put me over the top... hey, a girl can dream! I don't even think that I have ever paid that much for a car... C'est la vie.

February 19, 2010

Going All Gemstone

So, I am about to take the very big leap with my designs into gemstones!
I just purchased these beautiful faceted Amazonite stones from Turkey. I cannot wait to weave them. Aren't they the prettiest beads you have ever seen? I am over the moon about them.

February 17, 2010

Just For Me

This one I made with just me in mind. I listed it in my little hobby etsy shop, but might take it down for myself. I think it is the most original button that I have ever found. I know the button was made in Italy, but there is just something in the pattern that has me daydreaming of an adventure to Thailand, Morocco, or maybe Bali. I just started to reread Eat, Pray, Love last night. Travel Lit is my ultimate weakness. Shhh don't tell!

I really love these faceted summery citrus Jade beads.

February 10, 2010

Color Me Happy

When I was a little girl, I would collect rocks, falling in love with the different shades and textures of each one as if it were a true treasure. Remember those days, when something had worth just because it's beauty made our hearts skip a beat? Back when it did not matter what was acceptable or what had the highest price tag? I do too!

Well some things never change. I am still collecting rocks...
I have a little assortment of stone, glass and wood beads that sit on my desk, just because I love them so much. No other reason needed. They are my favorites from around the world. From the tiniest string of faceted labradorite to the sunny yellow hand dyed jade circles.

February 7, 2010

Studio Sweet Studio

Studio Sweet Studio. It has been less than a year since I began dabbling in anything artful, that is, after an extensive almost life long leave from creativity. You see, I mistakenly believed for a decade too many that life was about being practical, pragmatic and any other boring old "p" word Webster could come up with.

But I am not like that anymore. I have a new perspective. Exciting things happen when you believe they can, especially when you wiggle your way towards them... inch by inch... your heart always filled with hope.

We (the husband, our dog Maggie Mae, and her two cats Lucy and Kung Fu) have been cramped in a little one bedroom apartment for years. But by the end of this upcoming summer that is all about to change. The best part?

For the first time I will have my very own room for a Studio! I threw a little caution to the wind yesterday in preparation and purchased/put together a real live work table. Six months may seem, to some, like a long way away, but it will be here before we know it. I promise. And I am so incredibly grateful for it.

In anticipation, I am also, of course, pouring over home and cottage magazines at the bookstore trying to determine what elements will turn the new house into home. Our home. Love is a given. A few muted earth tones against splashes of white and a lot of natural light will go a long way as well...

One of my favorite interior design blogs is Decor8 by Holly Becker, the image above is from one of her posts. I could definitely see myself cuddled up there. Couldn't you? Speaking of interior design blogs, Apartment Therapy is a good one too. Just in case you are curious.

Inspiration Abounds Here

There should be a neon arrow, one that can be seen from space that points to the blog of artist Kelly Rae Roberts and it should be accompanied by a sign that reads "Inspiration Abounds Here".

Not only is her art (shown above) downright uplifting and eye catching, but she says these things... the kind that get under your skin and warm your soul.

Things like....

- it's an exciting time with open road possibilities
- transform whispers of dreams into real life living
- it's amazing to me that we can simply wake up one day and decide upon a dream and then before you know it, you're taking steps toward that dream. and before you know it, you are living that dream. i seriously love this part of living.

Her book, Taking Flight is one of my all time favorites. Even on a bad day, it makes life all delicious again.

February 3, 2010

All About Love

The above photo is one of my favorites. You would be amazed at how many images like this can be found on Flickr, or by a simple internet search. It seems that no matter what coast we are on, we can't help but etch our feelings across the sand. Pics like this from across the oceans, with love etched in different languages would make an interesting album, don't you think? I guess, in the end, when you think about it - wherever you are love is always love and the only thing worth writing about.

And speaking of loves, I am working madly on my photo taking skills so that I can officially open shop a little sooner than later. Hang tight.

February 1, 2010

Aluminum and Florals

After much debate, I have decided to utilize aluminum as the metal for all of my bracelet/cuff bases, bypassing both silver and brass because... I like the comfy, lightweight feel of aluminum. It is tarnish free and allows for slight adjustments resulting in a better fit for you.

Fun Aluminum Facts:
- Aluminum is 100% recyclable. (Yah recycling!)
- It is the 13th element on the p. chart. (Okay, this fact is not so fun!)
- It is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust. (Who knew?)
- Aluminum sheets were used for the intricately hand painted Traditional Taiwanese Floral Mural by Michael Lin outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery in celebration of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad. (Try typing that three times fast!)

Floral designs can be transcending, reflecting the possibility of all the hope and beauty that blooms in this world and Michael Lin (to me) is the ultimate master at creating them. Here is a short artist video interview that I recently stumbled upon. I always find it fascinating to listen and learn about the life experiences an artist pulls their inspiration from. Especially this one.

Photo by Flickr: PiscesDreaming