February 7, 2010

Studio Sweet Studio

Studio Sweet Studio. It has been less than a year since I began dabbling in anything artful, that is, after an extensive almost life long leave from creativity. You see, I mistakenly believed for a decade too many that life was about being practical, pragmatic and any other boring old "p" word Webster could come up with.

But I am not like that anymore. I have a new perspective. Exciting things happen when you believe they can, especially when you wiggle your way towards them... inch by inch... your heart always filled with hope.

We (the husband, our dog Maggie Mae, and her two cats Lucy and Kung Fu) have been cramped in a little one bedroom apartment for years. But by the end of this upcoming summer that is all about to change. The best part?

For the first time I will have my very own room for a Studio! I threw a little caution to the wind yesterday in preparation and purchased/put together a real live work table. Six months may seem, to some, like a long way away, but it will be here before we know it. I promise. And I am so incredibly grateful for it.

In anticipation, I am also, of course, pouring over home and cottage magazines at the bookstore trying to determine what elements will turn the new house into home. Our home. Love is a given. A few muted earth tones against splashes of white and a lot of natural light will go a long way as well...

One of my favorite interior design blogs is Decor8 by Holly Becker, the image above is from one of her posts. I could definitely see myself cuddled up there. Couldn't you? Speaking of interior design blogs, Apartment Therapy is a good one too. Just in case you are curious.