February 7, 2010

Inspiration Abounds Here

There should be a neon arrow, one that can be seen from space that points to the blog of artist Kelly Rae Roberts and it should be accompanied by a sign that reads "Inspiration Abounds Here".

Not only is her art (shown above) downright uplifting and eye catching, but she says these things... the kind that get under your skin and warm your soul.

Things like....

- it's an exciting time with open road possibilities
- transform whispers of dreams into real life living
- it's amazing to me that we can simply wake up one day and decide upon a dream and then before you know it, you're taking steps toward that dream. and before you know it, you are living that dream. i seriously love this part of living.

Her book, Taking Flight is one of my all time favorites. Even on a bad day, it makes life all delicious again.