February 1, 2010

Aluminum and Florals

After much debate, I have decided to utilize aluminum as the metal for all of my bracelet/cuff bases, bypassing both silver and brass because... I like the comfy, lightweight feel of aluminum. It is tarnish free and allows for slight adjustments resulting in a better fit for you.

Fun Aluminum Facts:
- Aluminum is 100% recyclable. (Yah recycling!)
- It is the 13th element on the p. chart. (Okay, this fact is not so fun!)
- It is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust. (Who knew?)
- Aluminum sheets were used for the intricately hand painted Traditional Taiwanese Floral Mural by Michael Lin outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery in celebration of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad. (Try typing that three times fast!)

Floral designs can be transcending, reflecting the possibility of all the hope and beauty that blooms in this world and Michael Lin (to me) is the ultimate master at creating them. Here is a short artist video interview that I recently stumbled upon. I always find it fascinating to listen and learn about the life experiences an artist pulls their inspiration from. Especially this one.

Photo by Flickr: PiscesDreaming